POwering SYstem flexibiliTY in the Future through RES

Description of the project

The increasing penetration of solar photovoltaic and wind power requires modern power grids that can deliver electricity from producers to consumers reliably. However, increasing renewable energy sources (RESs) integration comes with limitations. One solution is to increase the share of so-called dispatchable RESs (those that have a natural storage capacity). The EU-funded POSYTYF project will group several RESs into a systemic object called Virtual Power Plant. It’s a way to aggregate RES sources to form a portfolio of dispatchable/non-dispatchable RESs able to optimally and internally redispatch resources. The project will bring together partners from four EU countries.


Budget and financing

GA ID: 883985
EU contribution EUR: 4.726.577,50 €
Budget UPC EUR: 725.550,00 €