Modular axial flux motor for automotive

Project description

The ambition of MAXIMA is to design and develop a low-cost modular PM axial flux EM for the automotive core market, with improved performances, integrating CRM less strategies and with a low environmental impact. To improve the performances, an advanced multiphysics design procedure combining new concepts for thermal management will be developed. Additionally, a Digital Twin (DT), virtual replica of the EM, will be built in order to develop an optimal control strategy to operate the EM up to the limit. To reduce costs, the EM will be designed simultaneously with its manufacturing process flow which will be optimized for mass production by considering a modular concept design. The EM’s end of life will also be considered, especially the recycling of the PM made from CRM. In order to reduce the environmental impact, the life cycle of each solution will be analysed using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). At the end of MAXIMA, prototypes will be manufactured for testing, assessment and validation of the new concepts addressed in MAXIMA related to the modular design of the EM, the optimal control based on DT and the manufacturing/recycling process flow.


Budget and financing

GA ID: 101096097
EU contribution EUR: 5.484.542,25 €
Budget UPC EUR: 602.068,75 € (Only budget CITCEA-UPC)